We Fix Chimney Leaks

A leaky chimney is a troubling sight: Not only are you dealing with repairs to your chimney system, but if that chimney damage is considerable — and/or those repairs aren't taken care of quickly — you'll quickly end up with expensive repairs to the interior of your home as well.
At Jay Walker Enterprises, our aim is to keep your chimney system armed as best as it can be against developing leaks in the first place. But if a leak does develop, our experienced, CSIA-certified technicians can find the source or sources of the leak, recommend the best way to quickly and thoroughly repair the problems, and provide thorough, professional repair service.
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To Find A Leak, You Need To Know Chimneys Inside And Out

Chimney leaks can be tricky — water will wind and weave wherever it finds a vulnerable place to move through, and tracing water back to its leaky source requires a thorough understanding of the places vulnerabilities most often crop up in a chimney system.

Our CSIA-certified technicians are trained to know chimney systems inside and out, and to know and understand all of the common — and even the less common — causes of leaks.

Common Leak Repairs

Along with replacing missing or damaged chimney caps and rusted or stuck chimney dampers, some of the most common leak-related repairs we do include:
Condensation Resolution & Repair
A variety of problems can lead to excess condensation in your flue, which steadily degrades the masonry, inside and out. Improperly sized flues, blockages, damaged flue liners and user error are just a few contributors. We can help figure out the cause of your condensation issues, and develop a plan of action that will stop those issues.
Flashing Repair
Flashing is meant to protect against water intrusion where your chimney and roofline meet. When flashing is damaged, water quickly makes its way into your home's interior, and can erode your chimney masonry and damage your roof, too. We can repair flashing, to make sure your chimney and home are protected.

A Proactive Way To Prevent Leaks Before They Start

A waterproofing sealant can help protect and extend the life of your chimney — and keep masonry leaks at bay — by sealing the exterior against water, while still allowing vapors on the inside of the chimney to properly flow through the brick and mortar. Along with keeping up with routine maintenance (annual chimney inspections, chimney sweeping), waterproofing is a great way to keep your chimney protected and to help avoid the need for repairs.

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Whether you have a leaky chimney or are simply looking to prevent leaks, call Jay Walker Enterprises! Our experienced technicians can find the source of your leak, repair it and help protect your chimney against future leaks. Contact us today at 850-562-4692, or click here to request a service!

We also repair and install chimney caps and chase tops to protect your chimney or chase from unwanted water, debris and all kinds of critters. Talk with us today about this important service for your chimney and fireplace.