Chimney Masonry and Repair Services

When you learn the ins and outs of chimney design, it becomes clear that chimneys are more than meets the eye. They're remarkable systems, made up of a variety of parts that ensure proper draft, protect the home's interior from heat, guard the chimney itself against water, and lots more.
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The downside of a chimney's complex design is that with a lot of parts, there's a lot that needs to be maintained to avoid damage and the need for repairs. Annual inspections and regular chimney sweeping will help extend the life of your system, and encourage everything, from the firebox up through your top-end damper, to continue functioning correctly. But if a part of your chimney system does get damaged, Jay Walker Enterprises is here to help. Our CSIA-certified technicians know chimneys inside and out, and we're here to bring your chimney back to top function, whether you need a small repair or a full rebuild.

Repair Work That Jay Walker Enterprises Can Provide

Fireplace Rebuilds
Masonry fireplaces are durable and long-lasting, but all masonry — particularly when it's not properly maintained — can degrade, erode and break down (often due to water intrusion because of a missing chimney cap or another damaged, missing, or neglected part of the system). If your fireplace is significantly damaged, we can rebuild it, and bring beauty and warmth back to your home. Our technicians can also replace factory-built fireplaces and inserts, if they've come to the end of their reasonable service life.
Repair Crowns & Splay Wash
Your chimney crown, or the mortar splay or wash applied to the top of your chimney, is there to protect the chimney from water intrusion. Cracks, gaps or spalling allow moisture to flow through the crown or splay onto and into the masonry, leading to more serious issues. Depending on the level of damage, we can repair or replace your crown to ensure that your chimney is protected from the elements.
If mortar joints begin to recede, erode or crack, we can remedy that damage with tuckpointing work. Tuckpointing involves removing the damaged mortar joints and replacing them with properly-installed new joints, using proper materials.

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Our skilled technicians are experts at fixing chimney leaks. Ask us about this and all our services for your chimney, fireplace and dryer vent systems.