Quality Chimney & Fireplace Services throughout Tallahassee, FL

Tallahassee native Jay Walker began servicing chimneys in 1981, and 10 years later, he launched Jay Walker Enterprises, with a focus on chimney and home services. Since then, the company has been working diligently to provide comprehensive chimney, fireplace and vent services — from annual maintenance to leak repair and waterproofing protection — to homeowners throughout the Tallahassee area.
Chimney Cleaning — Chimney Services in Tallahassee, FL
Our technicians — who are all certified by the Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA) — can handle any fireplace, chimney or vent needs you might have, up to and including a full system rebuild. Call us — we're waiting to serve you!

Some Of The Chimney & Fireplace We Provide

Chimney Sweeping
Maintain the safety and efficiency of your chimney system by having the chimney regularly and professionally swept. We'll remove creosote deposits, blockages and other kinds of dangerous debris, and ensure that you're chimney is best able to do the hard work it's designed to do.
Chimney Inspections
A chimney should be inspected annually to make sure that damage, blockages or other issues aren't keeping it from functioning properly. We provide a standard Level 1 inspection with chimney sweeping services, and offer more in-depth and extensive Level 2 inspections as well.
Chimney & Masonry Repairs
Whether you need chimney crown cracks repaired, detailed tuckpointing work done to renew receded mortar joints, or a complete fireplace rebuild, Jay Walker Enterprises can help.
Chimney Leaks
Our technicians have the skills and experience to find the source of leaks, repair those issues and help prevent future damage. We repair flashing, apply protective waterproofing sealants, and more. If water is getting into your system, we can find the problem and halt that water damage.
Replacements & Installations
Is your chase top rusting and corroding? Did your chimney cap disappear in a storm? Call us! We can help!
HeatShield® Cerfractory Applications
HeatShield® is a great flue sealant product that can repair damaged flue liner joints or resurface or replace an entire flue liner, making for a stronger and safer chimney system.
Dead Animal Removal
It's unpleasant and unsanitary when animals get into your chimney system — more so when those animals aren't able to get out. If birds, squirrels or other animals have gotten stuck in your chimney, we can remove them.
Fireplace Sales
We sell and install a wide variety of Regency fireplace products, from chase pans and chimney caps to wood stoves and gas inserts.
Our technicians are dedicated to providing the Tallahassee area with world-class chimney and fireplace services. Whatever your needs, give Jay Walker Enterprises a call at 850-562-4692 or click here to request an appointment online!
Check out our fireplace sales options for a wide range of choices in fireplaces, stoves, inserts and hearth accessories. Jay Walker Enterprises provides knowledgeable service for each and every product we offer.